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In pursuit of QUATRO T&D’s desire to deliver world class standards to our customers and be the sector’s best partner, employer and innovator, we have established core values which under-pin the way in which the company conducts its business.

In recognising its obligations to all stakeholders (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors and the wider community), QUATRO T&D demands the highest ethical standards of behaviour and approach from all those who operate in the company’s name and actively encourages the exposure of any practices which may injure the reputation of the company or any of its employees.

Policies, procedures, documentation and training programmes have been developed to ensure that business activities and personal conduct comply with regulatory and other legal requirements.

QUATRO T&D have adopted a ‘Whistle-Blowing’ Policy and Procedural framework and have established an environment where employees may raise genuine concerns about malpractice in connection with the business, without fear of personal penalty. The Procedure is also intended to help in the promotion, throughout the company, of a culture of openness and a shared sense of integrity.