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Substation Engineering
and Construction

QUATRO T&D launches into substations with £600m framework place

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission has awarded four contracts worth £600m to build new electricity substations in the north of Scotland.

The places have gone to a line-up of specialist joint ventures including new market entrant Miller Quattro.

This joint venture between Miller Construction and Quatro T&D – has been included on the framework agreement to increase future competition.

The contracts are being let on a regional basis and will allow the connection of more renewable generation in the north of Scotland.

SHE Transmission substation framework

ABB UK and Balfour Beatty Engineering Services: Caithness and Sutherland
Alstom Grid UK and Enterprise: East Coast including Aberdeenshire
Bam Nutall and Siemens: Moray and West
Miller Quatro, a new entrant to the market

“Miller Quatro is a new entrant to the market place and we are looking forward to working with our joint venture partners to contribute towards the delivery of infrastructure required to support the connection of renewables.”

Pedro Siguenza Hernandez chief executive Officer of Sacyr Industrial said: “This agreement provides a significant opportunity for the growth of our Miller Quatro joint venture.”

SHE Transmission is investing heavily to upgrade and reinforce the network, with a £1.1bn capital investment programme that has the flexibility to increase by a further £4bn if required.

To date, over 2,600 MW of renewable energy have been connected in the SHE Transmission licensed area.

David Gardner, SSE’s Director of Transmission, said: “The award of these contracts, with some of the industry’s global experts will help deliver the infrastructure that is needed to support the connection of renewables, as well as providing a boost to the local communities where we are operating.

“We are also working on similar awards for all of the proposed overhead line and underground cable works.”